8:00 AM TO 8:45 AM


8:45 AM TO 9:00 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit

9:00 AM TO 9:25 AM

Keynote Session 1: Best-of-Breed - the B2B Marketers

Lynda Cavalera | Chairperson | Australian Marketing Institute 

9:25 AM TO 9:50 AM

CMO Panel Discussion: CMO Marketing Predictions for 2020 Vision

Andrew Haussegger | Co-Founder & CEO | Green Hat (Moderator)

Bernice Muncaster | Director of Marketing & Communications | DXC Technology 

David Nicholls | Commercial Director | PPG Industries

Paul Liddiatt | Chief Marketing Officer | Education Horizons Group

9:50 AM TO 10:20 AM

Keynote Session 2: The revenue-shifting trifecta: How to skyrocket sales with SEO + PPC + Content 

Safwan Chowdhury | Growth Director | Online Marketing Gurus

10:20 AM TO 10:40 AM

Keynote Session 3

Mitchell Mackey | Marketing Director – Transformation | Ansell Healthcare

10:40 AM TO 11:05 AM

Networking Tea Break

Track 1 (Hall A)

11:05 AM TO 11:35 AM

Panel Discussion: What is the experience of companies investing in a digital agency? What goes well and what may not go well?

David Flanagan | Director of Content & Strategy | P2 Content Agency (Moderator)

Mez Homayunfard | Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships | Online Marketing Gurus

Mona Lola’s | Board Director | Australian Marketing Institute

Tash Rahalkar | Head of Product, Marketing and Insights | 

State Trustees

Track 2 (Hall B)

11:05 AM TO 11:35 AM

Master Class 1: Building brand with a long-standing purpose resonating in culture, beyond just commerce.

Sachin Rajpal | Marketing Director | The Kraft Heinz Company

Synopsis - I will be sharing insights into AU retail market and how brands with purpose are growing faster. I will also share framework of creating brand purpose, and a case study of how Golden Circle (an Aussie brand) is driving growth through brand purpose.

11:35 AM TO 12:05 PM

11:35 AM TO 12:05 PM

Rebecca Collins | Customer Success Manager | HubSpot

Keynote Session 4: How to Build a Winning Content Strategy in 2020 

Master Class 2: Top 5 Strategies on LinkedIn to strengthen relationships and generate leads.

Rodney Ferro | Founder and Digital Consultant | PN Digital

12:05 PM TO 12:35 PM

Panel DiscussionHow to get a massive and ever-expanding market through digital marketing?

Angela Fragiacomo | Marketing and Communications Manager | Deakin University

Jonathon Adam | Digital Delivery Manager | TTI

Paul Robertson | Owner | Creative Communications

Prashant Deorah | CEO | Puretech Digital 

Schalk Van Der Sandt | Head of Annalect – Melbourne | 

Annalect (Moderator)

12:05 PM TO 12:35 PM

Panel Discussion2020 will be dominated by video. How to create powerful videos and impress your B2B clients?

Adel Salah | Marketing Manager | Comrad Radiology Information Solutions (Moderator)

Aidan Cunningham | Social Media Lead | AustralianSuper

George Groves | Digital Account Director | McCann Melbourne

Keynote Session 5: Your business should never, not stand out.

12:35 PM TO 1:00 PM

David Flanagan | Director of Content & Strategy | P2 Content Agency

1:00 PM TO 1:25 PM

Keynote Session 6: Human Scented Marketing – Getting the balance right between being fully automated yet highly personalised so your customers don’t smell BS!

Alex Kain | CEO | Human Pixel Pty Ltd

1:25 PM TO 2:20 PM

Networking Lunch Break

Track 1 (Hall A)

2:20 PM TO 2:50 PM

Panel Discussion: Content Marketing, SEO and decoding Google Algorithms

Belinda Daw | Manager, Digital Content Production | 

Suncorp Group

Brendan Keevers | Head of Performance Media | McCann Melbourne

Campbell Phillips | Editor and Content Producer | MYOB Australia

Jason Wong | Asia Managing Director | MWI

Violeta Balhas | Senior Content Marketing Specialist | 

Medibank (Moderator)

Panel DiscussionAnalytics, measurement and performance management – How to measure your marketing ROI and maximize it?

2:50 PM TO 3:20 PM

James Burns | Head of Sales and Marketing | DeakinCo

Mona Lola’s | Board Director | Australian Marketing Institute

Nathan Sawicki | VP Marketing & Sales | Ruthven Institute 

Pinkky Bhatia | Head of Digital (Consumer) | TTI (Moderator)

Track 2 (Hall B)

2:20 PM TO 2:50 PM

Panel DiscussionHow to hire the right sales and marketing professionals?

Ben Shipley | Vice President | Free Trade Day

Bernadette McClelland | CEO | 3 Red Folders (Moderator)

Michael Grey | Director | MKG Events Pty Ltd

Tash Rahalkar, | Head of Product, Marketing and Insights | 

State Trustees

2:50 PM TO 3:20 PM

Panel Discussion: Marketing Automation – How to implement an automation setup that doesn’t let you down?

Carrie Hallman | Head of Marketing Automation | Green Hat

Emmy Burrell | Head of Marketing & Growth | SiSU Health Group

Nondas Angelakos | Digital Communications Manager | 

Philip Morris International (Moderator)

Tejas Oza | Founder & CEO | Grow Digitally

3:20 PM TO 3:50 PM

Panel DiscussionHow to create a forever brand that is distinctive and memorable?

George Groves | Digital Account Director | McCann Melbourne

Jonathon Adam | Digital Delivery Manager | TTI  (Moderator)

Rob Asselman | Senior Marketing Manager | Mondo

Rochelle Sanko | Creative Director | Green Hat

3:20 PM TO 3:50 PM

Master Class 3: Sonic Branding

Santi Vela | Founder | Monsterclass 

Synopsis - 50 years ago people with horses and no car were considered ‘the poor’. Today, is people with horses, and no necessarily cars what many would categorise as ‘the rich’.  In the same fashion, I anticipate people relying on screens to produce work, will be considered the ‘new poor’. “People will follow screen ‘diets’ and as we advance as society, we will drastically reduce screen-time and move to audio” Santi Vela. This new behaviour will force brands to move fast to audio interphases, podcasting and Smart Speakers of the likes of Alexa, Siri and Cortana. You see? Smart people (like you) will control their environments by hearing and using the spoken word (no need for slow fingers and tyred eyes) to control our environment and produce work… and the only way for brands to create awareness? Yes, Yes and YES!!! Audio tags and Sonic Branding.

Sonic Branding is a huge opportunity for the whole marketing industry, all companies, no exemption will sooner rather than later start thinking about how to better design their own Audio Brand Identity and how to work with Alexa Skills to improve the User Experience and this is what we call;  Sonic Branding. Think Netflix and the sound it produces when you turn it on…ha, you got it.

Networking Tea Break & Exhibition Tour

3:50 PM TO 4:10 PM

Track 1 (Hall A)

4:10 PM TO 4:35 PM

Master Class 4: How to articulate the value of marketing to your toughest customer – the Sales guy/girl!

Bernadette McClelland | CEO | 3 Red Folders

Samantha Sinclair | Group Account Director| Green Hat

Synopsis - Join Samantha Sinclair from Green Hat and Bernadette McClelland from 3 Red Folders as they riff about all things sales and marketing. They’ll pull back the covers on the challenges of collaborating with Sales and discuss strategic and tactical ways to help bridge the sales and marketing divide. You’ll discover:

What’s behind the real persona of today’s modern day salesperson and sales leaders
What language gets immediate buy-in from sales leadership
How and why you must walk your own talk when attempting to articulate the value of marketing to sales

You will take away understanding more about what drives sales people and how as a marketer, you can be more relevant and valued.

4:35 PM TO 5:00 PM

Panel DiscussionHow can you use Artificial Intelligence from lead generation to lead conversion?

Chantelle Lane | Head of B2B Marketing | Australia Post

Neel Bhattacharya | Management Consultant | Infosys Consulting (Moderator)

Santi Vela | Founder | Monsterclass 

5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Cocktail Reception (For Invitation & Elite Cocktail Pass Holders Only)