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We are in search of professionals who are crazy about sales. They dream sales even with the eyes open. Professionals for whom money 'is' very important and who get a high when they sell. A valid passport is a must as all jobs in the company involve travelling the world. Are you the person we are looking for?



English. You should have strong hold over English both spoken and written. We deal with a global clientele and hence knowing English in and out is important.

Work experience


Job Position: Senior Executive - Event Sales

Minimum 2 years of experience


Events are one of the most important aspects of our business. We organize sales events across the globe and are looking for a person who has sold events in India or internationally. The job will involve speaker acquisition and delegate/sponsorship sales.



Job Position: Manager - Sales

Minimum 4 years of experience


We are looking for a sales professional who can manage a small team of sales executives as well as manage few critical operations of the company. The person should have a rigor for sales and should be preferably good with social media and other marketing initiatives.





Common Sense

Dreaming Skills



2010 - present

2010 - present

Please fill the form below if you think you are the right choice for the jobs listed above.

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