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For over 4 years, Intrigue is Intriguing marketers all across the globe. Marketers attend this unique event to learn as well as inspire. The audience members get involved not just in asking questions, but also give their perspective on a point discussed by the speakers. Marketers also attend this event to network and find solutions to their marketing problems. It is a themed as the digital marketing buyers and suppliers rendezvous for a reason.

The event is designed to bring together some of the finest minds in marketing under 1 roof. The topics discussed are all debate sessions which are very interactive and intimate in nature. If someone has a different point of view, he/she can let the entire audience know about it.

The reasons why you should attend the Intrigue Summit is:

- Meet decision makers from the marketing and sales departments

- Learn from the best minds in marketing

- Give your perspective during panel discussions

- Meet some of the best brands in town

- Meet exhibitors and sponsors to get your marketing problems solved

- Enjoy a superb venue with an intimate setup

- Make some amazing friends



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Keynote Speakers




The Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground is perched right on the doorstep of Sydney Harbor, no other space in Australia boasts a larger lineup of sporting and entertainment events than the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Sydney Cricket Ground experience authentically reflects the surroundings, imparts a sense of harmony and wellness, and beautifully delivers lasting memories. A perfect spot for the Intrigue Summit for the 2nd straight year.

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Our events are designed to be intriguing, educational and fun at the same time. It's this blend that makes our events sought after. Mix this with the fact that decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations attend our events and you have got a world class marketing event. All our global events are designed in a similar way. So get ready to be intrigued.

8:00 AM TO 8:50 AM


8:50 AM TO 9:00 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit

9:00 AM TO 9:30 AM

Keynote Session 1

9:30 AM TO 10:10 AM

Panel/Debate Session 1: AI: How lagging behind in this game is not an option for you. How AI (And not machine learning) is about to change marketing forever.


Andra Wilkin | Head of Global Marketing | Humanforce (Moderator)

Mariana Thomas | Marketing Director |  Winning Formula

Maricel Custodio | Head of Digital Marketing | Torrens University Australia

Rebecca Thomas | Head of Marketing | Avocado

10:10 AM TO 10:40 AM

Networking Tea Break

10:40 AM TO 11:10 AM

Keynote Session 2: Human Scented Marketing – Getting the balance right between being fully automated yet highly personalised so your customers don’t smell BS! 

Alex Kain | Co-Founder | Human Pixel Pty Ltd

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Maricel Custodio | Head of Digital Marketing | Torrens University Australia

11:10 AM TO 11:40 AM

Panel/Debate Session 2: Video and mobile marketing: How to convince your clients using videos on mobile and how to eventually make them take the decision to buy.

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200x200 dcs.jpg

Amelia Ward | Head of Digital, Sydney | PHD

Angela Vithoulkas | Director | Vivo Cafe Group (Moderator)

Josh Mulrine | Content Strategist | Digital Content Studios

11:40 AM TO 12:10 PM

Keynote Session 3: Reality Bytes: The digital experience is the human experience

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Mark Randall | Country Manager - Australia/NZ | WP Engine 

12:10 PM TO 12:40 PM

Keynote Session 4: Go Big or Go Home –  How passion, purpose and millennials are shaping brands.

Jonathan W. Forrester | Chief Marketing Officer | emmersion 

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200x200 emersion.jpg

12:40 PM TO 1:10 PM

Panel/Debate Session 3: Social media: What are companies and agencies doing that you are not doing on social media.

200x200 emersion.jpg
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Jonathan W. Forrester | Chief Marketing Officer | emmersion

Leo Antonio | Head of Sales Development APJ | Dropbox (Moderator)

Nitya Padman | Digital Marketing Manager, Australia & New Zealand | 3M

Yusuf Pingar | Head of Marketing | Sentral

1:10 PM TO 2:00 PM

Networking Lunch Break

2:00 PM TO 2:40 PM

Panel/Debate Session 4: Content Marketing: How to create less yet powerful content and win more business. How to design the story that captures the heart of your clients.


Adele Zhang | Marketing Director APAC | SMA Australia

Lidia Lal | Head of Marketing | Blackbaud Pacific

Luke Calavassy | Head of Innovation | Cellarmasters (Moderator)

Maricel Custodio | Head of Digital Marketing | Torrens University Australia

Rob Kaldor | Omni-Channel Retail Strategist and Consultant |  eTales

2:40 PM TO 3:20 PM

Panel/Debate Session 5: Marketing Personalization V2.0: How marketers are taking personalization to a completely new level to stand out in this noisy world

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200x200 human pixel.jpg

Alex Kain | Co-Founder | Human Pixel Pty Ltd (Moderator)

Jonathan Despinidic | Co-Founder | Sipora

Lidia Lal | Head of Marketing | Blackbaud Pacific

3:20 PM TO 3:50 PM

Networking Tea Break & Exhibition Tour

3:50 PM TO 4:20 PM

Panel/Debate Session 6: Branding, Design and Making Your Business an Art

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200x200 emersion.jpg

Janet Shi | Director APJ Digital & Advertising | Symantec (Moderator)

Jonathan W. Forrester | Chief Marketing Officer | emmersion

Mariana Thomas | Marketing Director |  Winning Formula

Mona Lolas | Board Director | Australian Marketing Institute

4:20 PM TO 5:00 PM

Panel/Debate Session 7: Intense Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation Techniques

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200x200 wp eng.jpg

Andra Wilkin | Head of Global Marketing | Humanforce

Ljubica Radoicic | Marketing Director APAC | Hexagon PPM

Mona Lolas | Board Director | Australian Marketing Institute

Robert Li | Solutions Engineer, Associate (APAC) | WP Engine (Moderator)

5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Cocktail Reception (For Invitation & VIP Pass Holders Only)

Past Global Speakers




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If your company provides marketing/ advertising or sales related services to SMEs, MNCs as well as advanced stage startups, this is a great event for you to sponsor/exhibit. Below are the benefits:

  • Get access to decision makers of organisations

  • Enhance your company's visibility in Australia and globally.

  • Be a part of an intriguing and dynamic summit with the focus purely on enhancing marketing and sales for organisations

  • Some really exciting sponsorship and exhibition packages that purely talk about ROI

  • And many more benefits.

To download the sponsorship form, please fill the form below. It takes only 2 minutes to fill the form and all questions are not compulsory. At the end, you will receive a completely customized proposal in a matter of minutes.


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