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Intrigue Summit

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Welcome to the 14


Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney, 30 Aug 2018


Event Overview




To make a difference in the lives of digital marketers by creating an intriguing yet fun platform to learn, make friends, help and "discover new business".

The mission is also to create a high quality digital marketing event to enable great marketing talent from across the globe to meet under one roof.

Intrigue 2018 Sydney
Intrigue meeting

Welcome to an event where your opinion matters. An event where you can ask questions, debate and challenge the subject matter experts and the audience.

Intrigue Summit
Intrigue 2018 Sydney

An event where human to human connections are made.

200+ Speakers

Yes you read that right. We aim to have over 200 speakers at the summit. How? Well, every delegate who attends the summit is a speaker as he/she will be able to answer the questions put forward by the audience. He/she will be able to debate and let the audience know their perspective on which marketing technique worked for them and what did they do to solve a marketing puzzle in their organisation. There are no panel discussions. Only Q&As and Debates moderated by 1 or multiple subject matter experts who will also add their point of view. It's a brand new concept loved by the delegates of past Intrigue Summits. We are telling you, this is not an ordinary summit. Be prepared to get intrigued! Register Now. Welcome Marketers to the Intrigue Summit!

Intrigue Summit Sydney is taking place on the 30 August 2018 at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground. This is the 14th series in the summit and has taken place or will take place in the following cities: SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, PERTH, BRISBANE, ADELAIDE, NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, MIAMI, CHICAGO, TORONTO, ONTARIO, DUBAI, LONDON, NEW DELHI, MUMBAI, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG

Marketers from all across Sydney and Australia are meeting to learn about the latest developments in Digital Marketing including Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Branding and Design, Marketing Automation, Marketing ROI, Mobile and Video Marketing and many more intriguing and relevant topics.

With a combination of world class speakers, a gorgeous venue, a superb theme (Digital Marketing Buyers and Suppliers Rendezvous), a powerful agenda, high caliber delegates (CMOs, Marketing Directors, Digital Heads and Other Senior Marketers) and very high quality networking, the Intrigue Summit is designed to Intrigue and bring a smile on every delegate's face.

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World's leading brands have registered for our past events



Our events are designed to be intriguing, educational and fun at the same time. It's this blend that makes our events sought after. Mix this with the fact that decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations attend our events and you have got a world class marketing event. All our global events are designed in a similar way. So get ready to be intrigued.

8:00 AM TO 9:00 AM


9:00 AM TO 9:15 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit and Audience Discussion on  How Google AI will change marketing forever?

Andrew Haussegger.jpg
Andrew Haussegger | Co-Founder & CEO | Green Hat
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9:15 AM TO 9:40 AM

Keynote Session: Considered Customer Experiences for Considered Purchases

Tushar Warrier.jpg
Tushar Warrier | Senior Marketing Consultant | Green Hat
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9:40 AM TO 10:05 AM

Keynote Session: Data Driven Customer Profiling

Kin Image.png
Chan Kin Peng | Owner | Kasatria Technologies SdnBhd
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10:05 AM TO 10:30 AM

Keynote Session: 9 Common Things That Stunt Businesses Growth (And What To Do About Them)

Duncan Jones | Head of Strategy + Growth | Web Profits
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10:30 AM TO 11:00 AM

Networking Tea Break

11:00 AM TO 11:25 AM

Keynote Session: The Principles of Creative that Work


Mikey Taylor | CEO | RYVL Channelzero

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11:25 AM TO 11:50 AM

Keynote Session: How Technology is enabling Intowork Australia to realise their Content Strategy

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Amy Walker.png

Amy Walker | Co-founder and Head of Growth | Cognitives


Paula Gething | Executive Manager Marketing Services | IntoWork Australia

11:50 AM TO 12:15 PM

Breathing space

12:15 PM TO 12:55 PM

Q&A and Debate Session: AI, Machine Learning and Automation

  •  When people talk about AI in today’s market, is it really “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning”… or something else?

  • What is the economic value and impact of AI?

  • How AI is going to accelerate the customer experience?

  • Should Artificial Intelligence be regulated? If not, what are the implications of unregulated development?

  • What’s the most exciting potential future scenario you’ve heard of, when thinking of AI and automation?

  • How can we apply machine learning in today’s market? What are some simple options available to marketers?

  • What’s the impact of AI, ML and Automation on marketing jobs?

  • Does Automation improve the quality of leads? What are the risks of Marketing Automation?

  • What are the barriers to innovation within Australian organisations when it comes to AI and ML and how can these be overcome?

Subject Matter Experts:
Amelia Ward.jpg

Amelia Ward | Head of Digital, Sydney | PHD

Marcus Verrall.jpg

Marcus Verrall | Head of Digital and Marketing | Satellite powered by IAG

Mariana Thomas.jpg

Mariana Thomas | Marketing Director | Winning Formula

Maricel Custodio.jpeg

Maricel Custodio | Head of Digital Marketing | Laureate International Universities

Scott Rigby.jpg

Scott Rigby | Head of Digital Transformation | Adobe

Wilhelmina Duyvestyn.jpg

Wilhelmina Duyvestyn | Head of Marketing & Communications | Infosys

12:55 PM To 2:00 PM

Networking Lunch Break

2:00 PM TO 2:40 PM

Q&A and Debate Session: Social Media, Social Selling and Social Media Analytics

  • Brand awareness vs performance in social media ads... What’s more important?

  • What are some of the first things brands need to consider if they're looking to engage influencers for their social media marketing?

  • Besides influencers, what other type of 'talent' is required to create engaging social media content?

  • How can brands use reviews in social ads?

  • How much does a social media policy matter when you're starting to look at social engagement and selling? What should one look out for?

  • How do you amplify your social media selling to grow ROI? What is the biggest challenge?

  • How do businesses attribute social media to leads and revenue?

  •  What is the biggest mistake people are making in social media advertising today?

  • What’s next for advertisers given the recent scandals about data breaches by Facebook?

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Subject Matter Experts:
Jethro Grainger-Marsh.jpg

Jethro Grainger - Marsh | Head of Digital, Marketing and National Sales Australia - APAC | Alsco Australia


Karim Mouahbi | Head of Marketing |  Mad Paws

Lee Siefken.jpg

Lee Siefken | Director of Marketing | InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)

Nick Reynolds.jpg

Nick Reynolds | Global Head of Digital, Web & Social | Lenovo

Praval Singh 2.jpg

Praval SinghSenior Product Marketing Leader | Zoho Corporation

Taryn Williams 2.jpg

Taryn Williams | Founder & CEO

| The Right Fit

2:40 PM TO 3:20 PM

Q&A and Debate Session: Content (SEO, SEM) and E-mail Marketing

  • How do marketers successfully scale up their content and help it go from good to great to epic?

  • I create lots of blog content for my customers that they love. Why does it not rank well on Google?

  • How do you balance quantity vs. quality in content? 

  • What is a good example of personalisation in email marketing (crm)?

  • What is the most impactful email tactic for boost results?

  • What is the biggest change in SEO recently and how should we address it?

  • What are the best practices in content marketing: from Blogging to Microsites?

  • What are the biggest challenges you see they’re facing with content?

  • Should I bid on my competitors?

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Subject Matter Experts:

Casey McGaw | Senior Customer Success Manager | HubSpot


Karim Mouahbi | Head of Marketing | Mad Paws

Kate Parker.jpg

Kate Parker | Head of Marketing, Financial and Risk, Pacific | Thomson Reuters

Neel Bhattacharya.JPG

Neel Bhattacharya | Senior Business Consultant | Infosys Consulting

Tom Spencer.jpg

Tom Spencer | Co-Founder | Cognitives

3:20 PM TO 3:40 PM

Networking Tea Break

3:40 PM TO 4:20 PM

Q&A and Debate Session: Branding (Images, Video, Mobile), Design & Customer Engagement Strategies

Subject Matter Experts:

Andra Wilkin | Director, Marketing Programs, APAC | BlackLine

Annabelle Davidson.jpg

Annabelle Davidson | Founder and CEO | Social Playground

Julia Schaefer.jpg

Julia Schaefer | Chief Customer Officer | Crescent Wealth

Mariana Thomas.jpg

Mariana Thomas | Marketing Director | Winning Formula

Mary Gillespie.jpg

Mary Gillespie | Digital Content Leader | PwC Australia

Nanda Gunnink.jpg

Nanda Gunnink | Managing Director | Studio Orange

  • What is the role of brand differentiation in an online world?

  • How important is it to live your brand outside of work?

  • How can you engage with customers' hearts, minds and wallets?

  • Why visual content is more effective?

  • What’s the ultimate length of a video to be most impactful? How video works as part of a marketing strategy?

  • How can brands empower their customers to actively share their brand story online?

  • A brand is now influenced by the masses through online conversations, how can this be best leveraged to build great products?

  • Why is storytelling so important in the digital age and how can brand managers keep the authenticity of their brand messages through all the online chatter?

  • How can we workout the fine balance between engaging customer with enough information and annoying the customer with information overload

4:20 PM TO 5:00 PM

Q&A and Debate Session: Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation Techniques

  • For organizations, digital engagement with customers has become an imperative for preserving relationships. What are the few rules that can help them thrive in the digital landscape?

  • What are the key trends shaping The Future of Customer Experience in 2018

  • As someone who works with brand marketing strategies every day, what problems or blockages do you see growing?

  • What techniques do you use to ensure that top of funnel is still being filled while you are optimising bottom of funnel? 

  • How does your content, brand, social engagement, purpose, causes etc. feed into your Lead Generation? How do you make it all pay off?

  • How do you generate a sense of community and tribe around your brand when one to one personalisation is considered best practice? 

  • Non-Digital Lead generation - How important is offline? does it differ by B2C/B2B/Company Size/Product?

  • What are your top tips?

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Subject Matter Experts:
Ben Shipley.jpg

Ben Shipley | Director | Free Trade Day

Louise Cummins.jpg

Louise Cummins | Marketing & Digital Director | H&R Block

Max Bonpain.jpg