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Singapore, 30 May 2018

Let's start with why!

Why are we organizing the Intrigue Summit?

Simple reason. We are passionate about bridging the gap between the digital and the human world. In an era where everything is going digital, Intrigue Summits bring the world's finest marketers (Decision Makers) together in an atmosphere where they can "talk", debate, ask questions, express emotions, share problems, give solutions and network to build powerful business relationships.

200+ Speakers

Yes you read that right. We aim to have over 200 speakers at the summit. How? Well, every delegate who attends the summit will be able to answer the questions put forward by the audience. He/she will be able to debate and let the audience know their perspective on which marketing technique worked for them and what did they do to solve a marketing puzzle in their organisation. There are no panel discussions. Only Q&As and Debates moderated by 1 or multiple subject matter experts who will also add their POV. We are telling you, this is not an ordinary summit. Be prepared to get intrigued! Register Now. Welcome Marketers to the Intrigue Summit!

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-Stuart H.Britt

Manisha Seewal
Head of Marketing at Tokio Marine Life Insurance

Intrigue Summit had fantastic line up of speakers and panelists from a wide range of industries. The experience sharing from leading marketeers in the B2B & B2C space was very insightful. I am already looking forward to the next Intrigue Summit!

Chan Kin Peng

Founder at Kasatria Technologies

The people who attended were very high level from very interesting companies that were very relevant to what I was looking for. What I liked about the conference was the level of attendees, their roles, companies and titles, great customer service and hospitality and the networking breaks where I had the chance to speak, learn and do business with other attendees.

Lorin McDowell

Head of Marketing at ASUS

The Sydney confex was a highly engaging forum where the latest marketing innovations were shared by panel of respected industry leaders.

World's leading brands have registered for our past events

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Our events are designed to be intriguing, educational and fun at the same time. It's this blend that makes our events sought after. Mix this with the fact that decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations attend our events and you have got a world class marketing event. All our global events are designed in a similar way. So get ready to be intrigued.

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM


8:50 AM to 9:10 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit and Audience Discussion on How Google AI will change marketing forever?

9:10 AM to 9:40 AM

Keynote Session: The (Very Near) Future of Marketing

Speaker: David Fallarme | Head of Marketing, SEA & India at HubSpot |

9:40 AM to 10:20 AM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Social Media

  • How to develop the content for social media so that it converts?

  • Why is social media relevant for B2B companies and what does the future look like?

  • Half of humanity may be on social media but how do we effectively get to the target audience that we sought after?  

  • How to deal with negative reviews?

  • Employee advocacy – how does it work and why does it matter?

  • How to find your target audience on social media?

  • How do you allocate & justify marketing budget amongst traditional media, digital & social media?

  • Do you believe there’s a common disconnect between client marketing problems and how marketing Agency’s interpret and come up with solutions?

  • Leveraging social media for marketing will not be successful if only marketers are driving and participating. How can marketers activate employees in the company to help with social media marketing?

  • What is 'social media fatigue' and how to overcome it?

  • When you started a food business what was your approach on the branding and design of your product?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.
Subject Matter Experts:

Kelvin Lee | Director Social Media Marketing (Global) at Thomson Reuters |

Jason Lee | SE Asia Regional Director at Isentia |

Christophe Randy | Vice President Sales Asia Pacific at Linkfluence |

Yean Feng Yue | Head of Strategy and Marketing at IBM Global Financing |

10:20 AM to 10:50 AM

Networking Tea Break

10:50 AM to 11:30 AM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Branding and Design

  • How has brand building changed (or not) in this Digital Economy?

  • How should content be produced so it can be better positioned across different stages in the customer journey?

  • How do we create content that resonates across all platforms and gives a meaning to your brand?

  • Who do we need to bring alongside to enable a successful design journey?

  • How the digitisation trend happening in different industries affects the way we produce, design and share content today?

  • In a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages 24/7 what do you do to reach your target audience in a meaningful way?

  • What are the qualities that brand builders of tomorrow need to have to thrive?

  • How data can help brand stewards get a seat at the strategy table?

  • What do we marketers define as design vs how business see it vs how creative agency/team look at design?

  • What are the pitfalls/blind spot or best practices that we have seen in the market?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.

Subject Matter Experts:

Marcus Loh | Director, Asia Pacific Communication at Tableau Software |

Sophia Ong | Director, Marketing Strategy, Asia Pacific at CBRE |

Daniel Bactol | Head of Retail and Channel Marketing- South East Asia & ANZ at Intel Corporation |

Jasper Distel | Regional Brand Marketing Manager APACx at Uber

11:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Keynote Session: Faster and Better Consumer Insight: How Images, Location, and Emotion Have Changed Social Listening AI
Speaker: Christophe Randy | Vice President Sales Asia Pacific at Linkfluence |

12:00 PM to 12:40 PM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: AI and Machine Learning

  • Do you think AI/Robotics will revolutionise digital marketing?

  • What are some of the use cases for AI in marketing?

  • AI is creating transformations that automate much of the work humans have been doing. What does that mean for the future of work and jobs?

  • What are the key components to creating a data driven strategy?

  • What are the top 2 things to watch out for as you build an Analytics strategy and ecosystem?

  • What powers Artificial Intelligence, what is the technology behind it?

  • How is AI influencing the field of content marketing?

  • Technology has a dark side, what is the 'one fear' that gives you sleepless nights as a marketer?

  • How can large and complex organizations successfully implement new digital operating models?

  • What are the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning impacting digital marketing?

  • What distinguishes organizations competing on digital technologies in marketing vs those lagging behind?

  • What benefits to society do you see AI bringing in the next few years?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.

Subject Matter Experts:

Dr. Rohit Dhawan | Consulting Director – Accenture Digital at Accenture |

Malcolm Norquoy | Business Head, ASEAN at Cognizant |

Steve Illingworth | BigData, Analytics Leader Asia Pacific at IBM Asia Pacific |
Todd Bates | Head of Digital Content, Global Product Marketing at Telstra |

12:40 PM to 1:50 PM

Networking Lunch Break

1:50 PM to 2:30 PM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Content Marketing, SEO, SEM

  • How to create content that converts? And how much do you need to create?

  • There’s a LOT of content out there now, particularly around small businesses. How do you stand out or is there still enough for everyone?

  • With platforms like Medium and LinkedIn pulse allowing longer form content and Facebook preferring native video, how do you balance the desire to have consumers reach your own site and giving them a better experience by staying in platform?

  • Should you have an SEM ad when you rank number 1 organically?

  • Content Optimization in the current and future scenarios - what has changed from past?

  • Importance of mobile / Emergence of mobile platform for SEO.

  • Backlinks that are valuable - what's the right approach to creating quality backlinks?

  • Is SEO dead?

  • Will Amazon become the biggest search engine?

  • Is 2018 year of digital assistants?

  • When we will do majority of our searches with voice?

  • What should we be aware of in the near future?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.

Subject Matter Experts:

David Fallarme | Head of Marketing, SEA & India at HubSpot |

Akhil Agarwal | Regional SEO Head at ShopBack |

Riku Vassinen | Head of Digital at JWT Singapore |

Gary Yeo | Owner at Easy Video Singapore |

Kevin Dam | Director of Marketing at AeMorph.com |

2:30 PM to 2:50 PM

Keynote Session: GDPR impact in Asia

Speaker: Zeenath Kuraisha |Head of Corporate Solutions and Sales Academy at APAC SMA |

Speaker: Mukundan A P | Head Operations - APAC at Champions Group |

2:50 PM to 3:30 PM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation

  • Why strategically marketing shall and can be responsible for business revenue growth?

  • How can a business effectively generate leads and how can marketing be accountable for sales revenue growth?

  • What are the challenges to convert marketing funnel into actual sales revenue?  And how to overcome the challenges?

  • Cold emails and calls. Should you include it in your marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond?

  • Modern marketing is all about “brand to cash” – how do you make sure your leads turn into tangible pipeline and revenue?

  • The evolving buying journey - why do brands need to think about micro moments?

  • Marketing to whitespace versus install base customers – can you share some of the do’s and dont’s?

  • Often left too late, where does social media fit into the overall marketing strategy?

  • Marketing strategy OR customer experience strategy – which is more important?

  • How to use the pile of data you have?

  • Driving efficiencies and improved customer experience in generating demand across the buyer’s journey – what role does marketing automation play here?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.

Subject Matter Experts:

Kelvin Lee | Director Social Media Marketing (Global) at Thomson Reuters |

Lynn Huang Freeman | Senior Director, Head of Marketing Asia & Pacific at Honeywell |

Madison Carmody |  Sales Manager, Asia at HubSpot |

Cynthia Jee Yoon Kim | Co-founder & CMO at Venuerific |

3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Networking Tea Break

4:00 PM to 4:20 PM

Keynote Session: Digital Marketing for a B2B Business

Speaker: Mithun Biswas | Regional Marketing Director at GE Aviation |

4:20 PM to 5:00 PM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Marketing Automation, Analysis and ROI

  • How would you define Digital Marketing? Does your company have a genuinely strategic view of digital?

  • How do marketing automation platforms continue to evolve their capabilities and what benefits does that drive for marketers?

  • How does a marketer balance the time, effort and money he/she invests in marketing automation with ROI?

  • How to completely automate marketing without spending a fortune?

  • How to be less of a robot and more of a human being while embracing automation?

  • Which brands are getting the most benefit and revenue growth out of their marketing automation efforts.

  • If I am a marketer and I am still doing batch and blast campaigns to mass audiences without much personalization - where and how do I start with marketing automation?

  • What do you call success in marketing automation?

  • What would be the tipping point in terms of traffic where companies need to invest in digital analytics?

  • How can a company that hasn’t invested in digital analytics yet and didn’t measure anything come up with a good starting point on performance

  • How do plans differ to execution on marketing automation projects?

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.

Subject Matter Experts:

Atul Babu | Head of International Sales at PCCW Solutions |

Marcus Loh | Director, Asia Pacific Communication at Tableau Software |

Daniel Bactol | Head of Retail and Channel Marketing- South East Asia & ANZ at Intel Corporation |

5:00 to 6:00 PM

Closing Remarks and Cocktail Reception (By invitation only)

Keynote Speakers


Subject Matter Experts

We are finding amazing and experienced speakers for the event at the moment. We will be updating this section periodically. Stay tuned. If you are interested in speaking at the event, kindly email us at info@salesgasm.com

List of Speakers from our 2017

Singapore Summit



Hotel Ramada at Zhongshan Park

16 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329982

Hotel Ramada is A Haven of Hospitality and Heritage. It is Singapore’s first hotels-by-the park, situated along a 180-year old historical precinct. This gorgeous property has been chosen as the venue for the Intrigue Summit Singapore taking place on the 30 May 2018. Come witness a marketing summit like no other at this beautiful location.


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