Intrigue Summit

31 Jan 2018

Digital Marketing Buyers and Suppliers Rendezvous

Venue: The Iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground


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To make a difference in the lives of digital marketers by creating an intriguing yet fun platform to learn, make friends, help and "discover new business". Our events are themed as the Digital Marketing Buyers and Suppliers Rendezvous and are designed to intrigue everyone under the roof of the venue. The mission is also to create a high quality digital marketing event to enable great marketing talent from across the globe to meet under one roof.

Hundreds of In house marketers will share, network and inspire each other under one roof and the summit will assure that some really good business relationships start off at the venue itself. This event will blend education and fun to make it one of the most intriguing marketing events of the year.

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AGENDA (31 Jan 2018)

Our events are designed to be intriguing, educational and fun at the same time. It's this blend that makes our events sought after. Mix this with the fact that decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations attend our events and you have got a world class marketing event. All our global events are designed in a similar way. So get ready to be intrigued.

8:00 to 8:45 AM


8:45 to 8:55 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit

Speaker: Dij Phukan, CEO - Salesgasm
Chair of the Summit: Andrew Haussegger
, Co-Founder & CEO - Green Hat

8:55 to 9:25 AM

Keynote Session: Increasing Your Brand Equity Through Digital Marketing 

Speaker: Loulou Hammad, Head of Communications - Bombardier

9:25 to 9:55 AM

Keynote Session: Turning Content and Inbound Marketing into Your Strategic Lead Generators

Speaker: Summer Goodwin, Head of Content and Inbound Marketing - Green Hat

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9:55 to 10:30 AM

Networking Tea Break

10:30 to 11:00 AM

Keynote Session: Demystifying the Psychology Behind Marketing

Speaker: Isabell Tschann, Head of Marketing - ReachLocal Australia & New Zealand

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11:00 to 11:30 AM

Keynote Session: How Technology is Enabling Brands to lead with Content

Speaker: Amy Walker, Co-founder and Head of Growth - Cognitives

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11:30 to 12:00 PM

Keynote Session: “The Principles of Creative

that Works”

Speaker: Mikey Taylor, CEO - Channel Zero

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12:00 to 1:00 PM

Networking Lunch Break

1:00 to 1:45 PM

Branding: How to Create a Powerful Brand with a Perfect Blend of Content, Design and Video

Moderator: Bernadette McClelland, CEO - 3 Red Folders

Speaker: Andres Torres, Head of Marketing ANZ - Ericsson

Speaker: Wes Fischer, Digital Experience Manager - Cleanaway

Mobile Marketing: Your Clients are Viewing their Phones Over 80 Times a Day. How to Market in these Moments and Take them on a Journey of Eventual Sales

Moderator: Travis Longmore, Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation - MoneyQuest Australia

Speaker: Jason K Wong, Managing Director - MWI Group

Speaker: Anthony Russell, Marketing Manager, AAMI Brand & Acquisition - Suncorp Group

Hall A

Hall B

1:45 to 2:30 PM

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Hall A

Content Marketing: How to Engage Your Audience and Make them Act After Reading Your Content

Moderator: Travis Longmore, Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation - MoneyQuest Australia

Speaker: Matt Allison, Head of Global Content Strategy - Bupa

Speaker: Chantelle Lane, Head of Marketing (small business) - Australian Post

Speaker: Tom Spencer, Head of Services - Cognitives

Speaker: Jane Corkhill, Marketing Director – Strategy & Franchise - ConvaTec

Hall B

The Path-to-Purchase: Tracking and Attribution

Moderator: Nicole Wagenecht, Sales Manager | Partner Channel - ReachLocal Australia & New Zealand

Speaker: Laurence Savin, Head Of Marketing - 

Stile Education

Speaker: Andrew Rudd, Head of Analytics A/NZ - Experian Asia Pacific

2:30 to 3:15 PM

SEO: How to be Best Friends with Search Engine Algorithms and How to Deal with those Algorithms Suddenly Behaving Like Humans

Moderator: Tash Rahalkar, Head of Product, Marketing & Partnerships - State Trustees

Speaker: Ashish Shetty, Marketing Manager - Australia & New Zealand - Tata Consulting Services

Speaker: Jason K Wong, Managing Director - MWI Group

Hall A

Advertising: The Evolution of Advertising and Where do You Stand Right Now. You May be Far Behind

Moderator: Justin Clark, Head of Paid Search - Catch Group

Speaker: Kon Romios, National Marketing Manager - TTI Group

Hall B

3:15 to 3:45 PM

Networking Tea Break

3:45 to 4:30 PM

Video Marketing: Not Embracing Video is Not a Choice Anymore. Strategies to Rock Your Video Strategy

Moderator: Tash Rahalkar, Head of Product, Marketing & Partnerships - State Trustees

Speaker: Olivia Ientile, Digital Marketing Director - Endeavor

Speaker: Pinkky Bhatia, Digital Strategy Manager - TTI Group

Speaker: Tushar Warrier, Senior Marketing Consultant - Green Hat

Hall A

Digital Marketing Analytics: How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts and Make Sense Out of It

Moderator: Huy Chau, Head of Business Development - Pro Build

Speaker: Mitchell Mackey, Marketing Director - Ansell Healthcare

Speaker: Neel Bhattacharya, Senior Business Consultant - Infosys Consulting

Speaker: Tobin Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer - Ebizu

Hall B

4:30 to 5:00 PM

Marketing agencies: How to Start, Develop and Manage a Portfolio of Marketing Agencies for Marketing Success

Moderator: Mike Taylor, CEO - Channel Zero

Speaker: Lani Cush, Head of Marketing - Ducere Global Business School

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Hall A

Social Media: If Around Half of Humanity is on Social Media, Your Target Audience Definitely is. How to Advertise, Mesmerise and Convert Using Social Media

Moderator: Janet Grima, Director - Marketing and Fundraising - Lighthouse Foundation, Australia

Speaker: Sunny Sun, Marketing Director - SouFun

Speaker: Loulou Hammad, Head of Communications - Bombardier

Speaker: Branka Injac Misic, Chief Marketing Officer - Arlo & Co

Hall B

5:00 to 6:00 PM

Closing Remarks and the Happy Hour

Happy Hour by Invitation Only




Below is the list of speakers who are an integral part of the Intrigue Summit. There are many new experienced speakers who will be added to the list. Stay tuned.






Intrigue Summits are designed to Intrigue. The venue plays a very important role in ensuring that the delegates, the speakers, the sponsors and the crew are all in sync and their minds, bodies and souls are all into the moment. This year, we have chosen the iconic MCG as the venue of the Intrigue Summit and we hope to see you there.


If your company provides digital marketing services to SMEs and MNCs, this is a great event for you to sponsor/exhibit. Below are the benefits of this digital marketing buyers and suppliers rendezvous:

  • Reach the decision makers who will be looking to learn and explore digital marketing, media and advertising services at the event

  • Enhance your company's visibility in Australia and globally 

  • Be a part of a fresh, intriguing and dynamic summit with the focus purely on enhancing marketing for organizations

  • Some really exciting sponsorship and exhibition packages that purely talk about ROI as we understand how much your hard earned money means to you

  • And many more benefits. Please fill the form below and let us know your requirements. One of our executives will get in touch with you with a customized proposal shortly

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