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Digital Marketing London, 27 Apr 2018

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200+ Speakers

Yes you read that right. We aim to have over 200 speakers at the summit. How? Well, every delegate who attends the summit will be able to answer the questions put forward by the audience. He/she will be able to debate and let the audience know their perspective on which marketing technique worked for them and what did they do to solve a marketing puzzle in their organisation. There are no panel discussions. Only Q&As and Debates moderated by 1 or multiple subject matter experts who will also add their POV. We are telling you, this is not an ordinary summit. Be prepared to get intrigued! Register Now. Welcome Marketers to the Intrigue Summit!

Welcome to Intrigue, London


A major percentage of the delegates who attend other events and conferences around the world say that their marketing problem was not solved at the event that they attended. They say that they heard a lot of very high level talks that didn't help them at all. We at Intrigue wanted to change that perspective. We wanted an event where problems are solved, Q&As, Debates and Discussions take place and an event where business dialog started because someone had a solution to a marketing problem. Intrigue Summits are a new breed of events where the audience is the speaker as well as the delegate with a question. The delegates ask a question and it is answered on the spot by another audience member as well as the moderator/s who are experts in that subject. With ample networking time (Tea, lunch and cocktail), the answers convert into solutions and attendees convert into friends. Welcome to Intrigue. Be prepared for a whole new event experience.

Intrigue Summit

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