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Digital Marketing London, 27 Apr 2018

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200+ Speakers

Yes you read that right. We aim to have over 200 speakers at the summit. How? Well, every delegate who attends the summit will be able to answer the questions put forward by the audience. He/she will be able to debate and let the audience know their perspective on which marketing technique worked for them and what did they do to solve a marketing puzzle in their organisation. There are no panel discussions. Only Q&As and Debates moderated by 1 or multiple subject matter experts who will also add their POV. We are telling you, this is not an ordinary summit. Be prepared to get intrigued! Register Now. Welcome Marketers to the Intrigue Summit!

Welcome to Intrigue, London


A major percentage of the delegates who attend other events and conferences around the world say that their marketing problem was not solved at the event that they attended. They say that they heard a lot of very high level talks that didn't help them at all. We at Intrigue wanted to change that perspective. We wanted an event where problems are solved, Q&As, Debates and Discussions take place and an event where business dialog started because someone had a solution to a marketing problem. Intrigue Summits are a new breed of events where the audience is the speaker as well as the delegate with a question. The delegates ask a question and it is answered on the spot by another audience member as well as the moderator/s who are experts in that subject. With ample networking time (Tea, lunch and cocktail), the answers convert into solutions and attendees convert into friends. Welcome to Intrigue. Be prepared for a whole new event experience.

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Why attend?

If you are a marketing/advertising professional in the UK, you have got all the reasons to attend this intriguing event. Here are few points you should consider:

Reasons to Attend the Summit

At our intrigue summit, gathering of best minds in marketing opens gates to sharing ideas and techniques to learn and explore the worlds of others to improve your own

Intrigue summit brings together the marketing and sales heads to let you win new business for your organisation. Content of our summit not only brings in sight the latest marketing/advertising/sales technology but also provides the business boosting behaviors that have been practiced in the market.

Intrigue summit provides you with an unparalleled networking atmosphere where the given environment at the summit is unique and diverse. If we call it INTRIGUE SUMMIT, we call it that for a reason. Watch our testimonials to hear about it from our delegates.

Exhibitors at the event will showcase the latest, fastest, most effective and safe marketing products and services the current technological times have to offer. If you are looking for a revolutionary service provider to take your company sales to the new level, this is the place.

World's leading brands have registered for our past events



Our events are designed to be intriguing, educational and fun at the same time. It's this blend that makes our events sought after. Mix this with the fact that decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations attend our events and you have got a world class marketing event. All our global events are designed in a similar way. So get ready to be intrigued.

8:00 to 8:50 AM


8:50 to 9:00 AM

Introduction to the Intrigue Summit

9:00 to 9:30 AM

Keynote Session: Data Driven Customer Profiling

Speaker: Chan Kin Peng, Owner - Kasatria Technologies SdnBhd - Chair of the Summit

9:30 to 10:00 AM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Social Media

  • How to analyse and calculate ROI on social media platforms?

  • How to use the live feature for marketing success?

  • How to scale on social media?

  • How to make customers act on social media?

  • How to deal with negative reviews?

  • How to influence influencers?

  • How to develop the content for social media so that it converts?

  • How to find your target audience on social media?

  • How do you allocate & justify marketing budget amongst traditional media, digital & social media?

  • How to build brand loyalty?

  • What is 'social media fatigue' and how to overcome it?

  • And many more...

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question he


Subject Matter Experts:

Joanna Pawluk, CRO - indaHash

Rupert Bedell, Head of B2B Marketing (Interim) - E.ON

Ashish Saxena, Leader & Head of Digital Transformation/Analytics - Cognizant Technology Solutons UK

Sandro Scharsach, Portfolio Director - Oracle Marketing Cloud

Irum Sultana, Head of Social Media - Deloitte

Ketna Mistry, Social Media Strategist at - Cognito

10:00 to 10:45 AM

Networking Tea Break

10:45 to 11:15 AM

Keynote Session: How to use social data for bullet-proof marketing and creative campaigns

Speaker: James Lovell, Business Development Manager - Agencies at Pulsar Platform

11:15 to 11:45 AM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Branding and Design

  • How should content be produced so it can be better positioned across different stages in the customer journey?

  • How do we create content that resonates across all platforms and gives a meaning to your brand?

  • How the digitisation trend happening in different industries affects the way we produce, design and share content today?

  • In a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages 24/7 what do you do to reach your target audience in a meaningful way?

  • What role do you see AI play in your marketing mix in the foreseeable future?

  • How will IOT effect the way we design and build content?

  • How to develop videos that resonate with your brand?

  • How to make videos your primary weapon in reaching your target audience?

  • And many more...

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.


Subject Matter Experts:

Charlotte Davies, Marketing Innovation Manager, EMEA Marketing Lab - eBay

Valeria Borgia, Head of Marketing - KellyDeli

Aniruddho Mukherjee, Head Analyst Relations and Branding, Europe - HCL Technologies

11:45 to 12:15 PM

Keynote Session: Social, Empathy, And Engagement: The Future of Influencer Marketing

Speaker: Joanna Pawluk, CRO - indaHash

12:15 to 12:45 PM

Audience Q&A and Debate Session: Content Marketing, SEO, SEM

  • How to create content that converts?

  • Where does third party content fit into a content marketing strategy, if at all? 

  • There’s a LOT of content out there now, particularly around small businesses. How do you stand out or is there still enough for everyone?

  • With platforms like Medium and LinkedIn pulse allowing longer form content and Facebook preferring native video, how do you balance the desire to have consumers reach your own site and giving them a better experience by staying in platform?

  • Should you have an SEM ad when you rank number 1 organically?

  • Why is it important to create relevant content experience now critical for organic rankings? How do create these optimized content experiences

  • How do you attribute value to your content marketing?

  • Does SEM also help to grow organically?

  • How will AI change content marketing and SEO?

  • What will be the trends for content marketing in 2018-19 and what’s going to be the future?

  • And many more...

Do you have a question that you want the audience to answer? Submit your question here.


Subject Matter Experts:

Joanna Pawluk, CRO - indaHash

Adrian Niculescu, Regional Director Uk & Romania - FasterCapital

Leeya Hendricks, Director Marketing OD ECEMEA - Oracle

12:45 to 1:45 PM

Networking Lunch Break

1:45 to 2:15 PM

Keynote Session: Instagram Marketing - You Just Know 10% of What is Possible

Speaker: Vasily Kichigin, Social Media Marketer (Top Rated Seller on Fiverr) Self Employed