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6 Feb 2024 (9 AM London time, 2:30 PM New Delhi Time, 8 PM Sydney Time)

Inbox Conquest: Elevate Your Email Game with 5 Crucial Tactics for Unbeatable Email Deliverability!

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Webinar with: Mohsin Farooqui, Founder & Chief Inboxing Strategist

6 Feb 2024 (9 AM London time, 2:30 PM New Delhi Time, 8 PM Sydney Time)
In the ever-evolving email landscape, getting into subscribers' inbox is the key to unlock massive email success. Winning the war for attention and engagement starts with ensuring your emails reach the intended destination – customer’s inbox. In this webinar, we are going to unlock the five pivotal but fundamental email growth strategies that separate the winners from the rest in the realm of email deliverability.
Meet Mohsin Farooqui, the visionary Founder and Chief Inboxing Strategist at Inboxing Maestro™. He's driven by a mission to assist e-commerce brands in seamlessly reaching their customer's inboxes, refining their email strategies, and transforming emails into a primary revenue stream, all accomplished through the innovative 4-phase inboxing growth framework.

Inboxing Maestro™, under Mohsin's leadership, goes beyond mere problem-solving. The focus is on elevating your email channel to a revenue-generating powerhouse. The company achieves this by implementing cutting-edge inboxing growth consulting solutions that aim to supercharge your email efforts.

Mohsin Farooqui

Founder & Chief Inboxing Strategist at Inboxing Maestro™

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