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The Import function can now be used to import surface information from a licensed DWG or DXF file into your drawings, regardless of whether you’re using one of our AutoCAD drawing programs or one of the many third-party CAD programs such as AutoCAD LT. The Import feature supports both surface information (feature definitions and feature data) and object-based geometry such as circle and arc.Markup Assist:In addition to its preview capabilities, AutoCAD 2023 now supports robust markup-based assist. Assists allow you to interact with graphics elements directly in the drawing environment. Supports all graphics elements—geometric entities, symbols, text, line styles, and so on—and applies any assist to the entire drawing document. By default, you can use the following:Explore and interact with tool palettes, selection aids, layers, handles, and other itemsInteract with the text-based labels on objectsCreate your own custom-label assistMark the location of the active layer (layer mask)Print, rotate, and pan images and graphicsDrag and drop items to place them into the active layerDrag and drop markers onto objectsResize objects, objects, and text with the Snap toolManage viewportsSave and restore viewportsHover over text to see links to the properties or labels for the selected objectsClipping, masking, and transparencyUse the clipping features of the Select tool and Clip Geometry, Create and Edit objects with the Select Objects tool, and activate the Show Selection command to view the selected objects. With a range of display modes, you can see the objects in a color-based display (as a wireframe, polyline, or surface mesh) and you can see the objects as regular objects. You can also use layer blending to show objects on different layers in a combination of color and grayscale. With the new transparency features, you can view and interact with transparent objects as if they were not transparent.Beveling and chamferingBevel and chamfer features are improved with more commands and new options for controlling the results of these operations. The Bevel and Chamfer commands and the Multilevel 3D Viewer both provide better handling of the new options, as shown in this video.Mudbox:Save and restore a 2D drawing as a 2D 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

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