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Master of Science in Law

Online Program Areas of Concentration

In addition to the core courses, you accounting homework help may select one of four concentration areas: Managerial Law, Human Resource Law, Elder Law or Health Law. Each concentration area provides in depth knowledge of law as pertaining to a specific industry or area of expertise.

Managerial Law

The Managerial Law concentration orients professionals to the basic forms of business organizations, the role of administrative law in regulated areas, and the fundamental areas of employment law. The Managerial Law concentration places business professionals in a position to effectively understand and work with the law and lawyers when planning and solving professional problems.

The Human Resource Law concentration provides students with a general overview of law affecting the non-unionized workplace. These legal issues include Federal legislation and administrative regulations; the hiring, firing, promoting, disciplining or evaluating of employees; and the various laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace.

The Elder Law concentration examines the rights senior citizens have including freedom from abuse, neglect and exploitation and the related regulatory schemes to protect these rights. Also examined are the programs established by federal and state governments to assist senior citizens, beginning with Social Security and Supplemental Social Security, and Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, students will look at the various financial tools available to an individual planning for retirement and late life concerns, and the legal and regulatory dimensions of those tools.

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