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Harm of gadgets for teenagers


Another legitimate adult fear is impaired vision and posture, ADHD, social withdrawal, depressive thoughts, and other negative consequences of living in front of a screen.

Teenagers themselves say that gadgets for them are a necessary rest after a hard study. Mary, 13 years old, a student of the American school program: “Some real people cause me anxiety, and gadgets, on the contrary, help to unload and relax. If I sit at the computer for a long time, my eyes get tired, but this rarely happens. Sometimes I need to use a computer to help me write a paper. At the same time, I use best editing services like Editius and it helps to write high-quality written work. It helps me to unburden myself from studying and to write high-quality written work.

What do experts think about this? Psychologists and doctors do not yet have a consensus; most agree that what matters is not how much time teens spend in front of a screen, but how they spend it. The main thing is that this pastime should be useful. For example, if you need help in writing a written work, then using an essay editor will effectively help for this. Thus, spending time at the computer will be useful.

Various studies speak about the dangers of smartphones, and that they have little effect on the behavior and health of adolescents. Oxford psychologists Orben and Przybylski in 2019 processed data from meta-analyses of the Young Brits Health Questionnaire, a long-term analysis of the health of people born in 2000-2001.Scientists have concluded that the negative impact of gadgets on the well-being of adolescents tends to zero. Orben and Przybylski compare the harm from smartphones to the harm from eating potatoes - the negative effect of lack of sleep, smoking or school bullying is much stronger.

At the same time, studies that study the effect of gadgets on the children's brain remain relevant. According to the first data of the American project ABCD (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development), excessive passion for smartphones and online games leads to a decrease in the area associated with attention, memory and motor skills.

Communication There is a version that due to gadgets, children lose important social skills. Thanks to the Internet and applications, they can find the answer to any question in a minute, but it’s as if they are learning not only to navigate without a navigator, but also to communicate in the real world. Therefore, it is important not only to communicate in the real world, but also to analyze the information received. Using proofread my paper, will help you successfully analyze the information and write it down on a piece of paper. The students only partly agree with this. Mary emphasizes that online communication is a great complement to offline communication, but does not replace it: “Everyone is different! Some guys with experience in social networks improve relationships offline, and someone just leads a double life. But I can say with confidence: there are definitely more topics for everyone to talk about!” It is also important why teenagers choose to spend time on the Internet.Vika believes that in online communities they find support that is lacking in real life: “Many teenagers can get mentally tired. I won't speak for everyone, but this is often the case. Someone has problems in the family, someone can spread rot at school. Teenagers do not depend on gadgets, they just look for support in someone's words. Like, come on, you can. And sometimes I also look for this support.” At the same time, gadgets can only become an opportunity to temporarily escape from problems that are not solved in reality, and social networks can become a platform for cyberbullying and fake information. It is important to remember that gadgets and the Internet are already part of the world in which children will grow up and live. In the first years after the appearance, jeans, movies or cars caused the same strong reaction, and now it is difficult to imagine the life of even the most conservative person without them. We have to see many interesting effects that digital reality will bring, and understand how to relate to them.

In the meantime, if it seems to you that a child spends too much time with a gadget in his hand, perhaps this is just a good reason to have a heart-to-heart talk and find out what is interesting and important for a teenager. Who is his favorite blogger? What is this new online game about? What's new in tiktok trends? Surely in such a conversation you will find many new points of contact.

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