I'm intrigued. Tell me more about what are you guys upto.

Intrigue Summit

Keynotes, Discussions, Q&As and Debates



I'm intrigued. Tell me more about what are you guys upto.

Digital Marketing Manila, Philippines

28 May 2019


Welcome to Intrigue, Manila

Welcome marketers from Manila and APAC to the Intrigue Summit. This global digital marketing summit aims to connect the world's finest digital and traditional marketing professionals so that they can educate, network and inspire. Intrigue Summits are organized in many of the world's most prominent cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Delhi, London, Melbourne, Sydney and many more are coming up. Intrigue Manila will bring together CMOs, Marketing Directors, Digital Heads and other senior managers from the marketing departments of MNCs, SMEs and Advanced Stage Startups. The summit will involve keynotes from few of the finest speakers in the region, panel discussions by speakers who have been there done that and the exciting part is that it is a very interactive event where the audience also takes part by not just asking questions, but also answering them. It's a fun environment with some very serious education being spread all over. Come experience a digital marketing event like no other. Register Now.

Welcome Marketers to the Intrigue Summit!

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We strongly believe that the content we are creating and the problems we are solving through the Keynotes, the Q&A's and Debates deserves a big audience of marketers. We want professionals who are passionate about marketing and who are looking to learn ways to propel sales in their organisations by implementing powerful marketing techniques that they will learn at the summit. Register Now.




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