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Your company's sales is dependent on sales professionals who value the company's product. Professionals who are passionate about sales and who think of nothing else but bringing in money to the bank accounts of the company. Professionals who don't behave as bored employees but as family whose members always think about how to make the family more prosperous.


The hard part for many organizations is finding such people who have the potential to make a huge impact. The HR team works day in and out to find a perfect match and when they find him/her after the telephonic round, they don't show up during the personal interview. If they show up, they don't get selected in the personal interview round. Even if they get selected, they don't show up at the day of joining and even if they show up at the day of joining, they leave within a month or two.


The HR team also contacts a lot of job consultancies in the hope that they will send them good candidates who are screened and when they start taking the interview of the so called screened candidates and ask the first question regarding sales/marketing, a deafening silence prevails in the room.


Salesgasm is here to change all that. If you can relate to the scenario above, it's high time you contact us. Salesgasm is associated with the finest sales professionals from all across the globe because of our prime focus on only sales and marketing. No, we can't hire Php or java developers for you. Pure sales is what we focus on. We will screen the candidates for you exactly as per your requirements and then send them for an interview. You can be rest assured only the best candidates reach your company premise.


Please fill the form below and let us know your requirements. One of our passionate executives will get in touch with you shortly.


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